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The Next Viral Video?

This RIDICULOUS video is an example of what children are watching these days during the daytime.

I think it’s gonna be the next viral video craze.

Thanks to my elite Paint skills, I can share with you some of my thoughts regarding children’s videos on Youtube, correlating the individual’s age vs. the entertainment value of the video:
Click for full-sized awesomeness.


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A few sports quick hits on this Monday night.

– Boy it’s good to have pro football back. It’s just great to have on in the background on a lazy Sunday. Having, for whatever reasons, multiple affililates of CBS and FOX, I am sometimes able to watch 4 games at a given time, which is awesome. Yesterday’s Baltimore Ravens game was the NFL debut for former UD quarterback Joe Flacco, and he did well managing the game, and he also ran for a 38 yard touchdown, which was impressive because he’s a big guy and he’s pretty slow. It’s been nice watching tonight’s Monday Night Football doubleheader, having non-stop football from 7pm until probably 1am.

– Local Delaware TV has been airing a commercial of former football coach Tubby Raymond do an endorsement for Jack Markell for governor of Delaware. I’ve only seen it on ESPN, but I’ve seen it so many times, it’s ridiculous. I wonder what kind of influence Markell thinks that a former college football coach can have on an election for governor. I’m sick of watching the same commericals over and over again, but I guess that’s what happen when I only watch ESPN.

– The Yankees suck. But Tom Brady’s out for the season and Billy Wagner is out for a year, so I can just think about that for awhile, while Carl Pavano and Sidney Ponson lead the Yankees to futility.

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Taking a page out of Max Jacobson’s hit new website PixelsonVermont.com, here’s a picture that I captured while walking through the Delaware campus, and some thoughts.

National Guard on the Green

National Guard band on the Green

To kick off the Fall 2008 semester at the University of Delaware, the University thought it would be nice to have some live music on the green while students walk around the campus.  While the singer could get annoying while you were trying to pay attention to your professor at times, the band itself wasn’t so bad. It turned out that the band on the green was a cover band with members from the National Guard. While it’s great for the National Guard to recruit potential members, I’m not sure if this is the best way to do so. Just days after Hurricane Gustav hit, and just days before Hurricanes Hanna and Ike are about to hit, I’m not sure if members of the National Guard should be jamming on college campuses. The university could have had local bands perform, while the National Guard could be going to Louisiana, the Carolinas, and other places. But I digress.

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Back at School

As I transition back to Delaware, posts on the blog will be relatively sparse until I get settled into a routine.

Thanks for stopping by.

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