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In the next post of the series “Jon Eats After Work,” I’ll be reviewing Papa Presto’s Breakfast Pizza version of French Bread Pizza.

Papa Presto French Bread Pizza - Breakfast Pizza

Papa Presto French Bread Pizza -- Breakfast Pizza

This breakfast pizza has the works: Eggs, cheese, bacon, and sausage, all distributed among a slice of french bread. Put it in the microwave for three minutes, and here’s what you get!

The finished product!

The finished product!

Looks tasty, right? Well it was! The bread had a nice crispness to it, thanks to the microwavable surface it’s on. The eggs provided ample substance, the sausage was nicely spiced, the bacon… you usually can’t say anything bad about bacon, and the cheese held it all together.

Thumbs Up!

Here’s the best part: It was only a dollar! While a typical Delaware lunch could cost up to $7-10 dollars, I could be getting 7-10 lunches if I devoted one meal’s worth of money to getting these pizzas. I, being a poor working college student who wants to spend as little money as possible for lunch over the winter, could see myself eating these more… if I make the trek to Dollar Tree. I bet there are other varieties to try, too.


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Hormel Compleats -- Roast Beef & Gravy

Hormel Compleats -- Roast Beef & Gravy

Over this Winter Session, I can be found working during the typical lunch hours. It’s inconvenient and impractical for me to shlep over to the dining hall everyday when I can be working, so I’ve started a new plan for eating meals.  Over the first few days of my internship, I’ve tried eating a big breakfast, munch on something small and inexpensive when I get back from work, around 2:30 or so, since the dining hall is closed by the time I’m done working, and then wait for dinner time to arrive. Today’s munch was Hormel Compleats – Roast Beef & Gravy, which I bought for a little over $3 at Happy Harry’s. I’ve previously eaten Hormel’s Swedish Meatballs Compleats meal, and it wasn’t bad. I don’t know if I’d eat it on a regular basis, but I’d eat it again if need be. Here’s my review on Roast Beef & Gravy:

The finished product.

The finished product.

Once you put the product in the microwave for 1:30 and take off the cover, this is what you see. There are two slices of this picturesque roast beef, and they taste pretty bland. The sauce isn’t that flavorful, either. Once you get past the meat, you get…

The potatos!

The mashed potatoes!

And there sure are a lot of mashed potatoes in this little container. Unfortunately, they were dry, a little chunky, and there was waaay too much of them. Unfortunately, the gravy did not aid in enhancing the flavor of the potatoes, either.

All in all, THUMBS DOWN. I won’t be buying Hormel’s Roast Beef & Gravy again.

If anyone has any quick fix lunch suggestions, Max and any other mysterious readers, let me know!

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This is a fast food restaurant review themed Quick Hits so it gets both the “Quick Hits” and “Restaurant Review” categories. Here we go!

Arby’s is a solid fast food restaurant and it’s the only one I know of that features Roast Beef, and a plethora of other kinds of sandwiches you normally don’t see in fast food restaurants, such as Turkey & Cheese and Italian Combos. Also, they serve seasoned curly fries in their combo meals, a huge plus. Salads and pastries are also offered.

Wendy’s, as always, is a solid choice for fast food. I recently saw, for the first time, a Wendy’s with breakfast selections. Options include their Signature Frescuit (combining a biscuit with the fact that it’s freshly baked?), Steak & Egg Sandwich, and the Big Breakfast Sandwich which has egg, cheese, bacon AND sausage; a meat lover’s delight. The latter sandwich was pretty good. Of course there’s the Junior Bacon Cheeseburger and the Spicy Chicken Sandwich for other meals, the fries are good, and a chocolate Frosty to top it off.

– Can’t go wrong with the $2.15 (in NY) meal of a McChicken and a Sweet Tea from McDonalds. In Delaware, it would be an even two dollars! Gotta love the home of tax-free shopping. Fries aren’t bad either. The Southern Style Chicken Sandwich, in my opinion, is overrated. The McChicken is much better… and cheaper.

– Finally, Burger King. I don’t know what it is with Burger King, but I’m not a big fan. The Cheesy Bacon Tendercrisp wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. They’re also heavily promoting a burger right now that has mashed potatoes on it. Even for me, that sounds kind of disgusting. Their fries also have a unique taste, and I can’t explain why, but I’m just not a fan of them.

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I’ve gone to City Island thrice in my life, as far as I can remember; twice in the past two weeks. From what I’ve noticed, City Island has two primary types of restaurants. The first type of restaurant that’s there is an elegant restaurant that is pricey for an unemployed college student such as myself, but knowing that it’s the last meal I’m going to have with a great group of people for an extended period of time, it’s absolutely worth going to, and The Black Whale certainly fits that extended bill.

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Tonight’s restaurant review is for Goldfish, a seafood restaurant located in Ossining, New York.

For a mere $15, restaurant goers on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, can be treated to an excellent three course price-fixed meal. The first course features a choice of appetizers and salads including a delicious New England clam chowder, shrimp tempura, mussels, and an arugula salad. The selection of main courses that one could choose from includes many seafood items, such as shrimp parmigiana, seared sea scallops, linguine and clams, and other fishes including salmon and cod; all of which accompanying a starch and vegetable. Five desserts are available for selection as the final course; New York style cheesecake, biscoti, a chocolate pyramid, ricotta fritters, and a butterscotch pudding.

All in all, the food was excellent and the three course price-fixed meals on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are a fantastic deal! Highly recommended.

ONLINE: http://www.goldfishdining.com/

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Still continuing with the dashes as bullets, since I still don’t know the code. Onward!

– So first, a little bit of site maintenance news and out loud thoughts. I changed the banner! It’s now an original picture of my old Buick reaching 200,000 miles. Also, it seems like the tags feature is most appropriate for keywords, while categories would be used for the Quick Hits series, or any other series that I may eventually have on this blog. Next, I think I should create at least another page for the top nav that this design features. Maybe I’ll also try to figure out how to make it so there’s just a little bit of text on the front page per post and have a jump for the full story. I don’t know. We’ll see.

– Indian food is so delicious. India House for dinner is quite a different experience than for lunch because for lunch I’ve always had the buffet, and the chefs choose what’s in the buffet. Every time I’ve gone to India House, with one exception, it has been for lunch. For dinner, there is no buffet, so you’re on your own for choosing what to eat. So after a bunch of friends and I ordered in from India House, I must say we did a great job ordering. Saag Gosh was a smash hit, Murgh Do Piaz was great, and some of the mainstays such as Murgh Tikka Masala, Rogan Josh, and the pakora were also excellent. I’d probably eat Indian food more often if the local places in NY weren’t so expensive, and if I could find an Indian food place in Delaware.

– Here’s something I don’t understand: The last two times I’ve gone to pump gas were at two different stations, both of which being stations I don’t normally go to. At each of these stations, the price that was on the sign was considerably lower than their nearby counterparts. What’s the deal? Well, it turns out that these prices are for if you pay with cash. If you pay with your credit card, the price per gallon of gas is up to $0.10 more, which would cause the price per gallon to be more in line with the other nearby gas stations’ prices per gallon. Interesting, eh? Too bad I don’t carry $60+ in cash with me all the time so I can fill up my minivan on a whim.

– Latest music download: Bruce Springsteen’s Greatest Hits. I have never really familiarized myself with his music. I know that Born to Run, Dancing in the Dark, and Born in the USA are big hits and I’ve heard him on Q104 all the time. I think it’s time to give him a shot in my music library, and you can’t go wrong with a greatest hits album to get a good sample of an artist’s work. So that’s that.

– I can’t believe there’s a Barack Roll now. That’s hilarious!

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